How Much Should You Pay Someone to Rank Your Website?

How much should you pay for SEO?

OK everyone!

When it comes to doing business that involves search engine optimization (SEO), a win-win solution should always be the main focus.

Therefore, this post on paying for SEO services can really benefit both the buyer and the seller. The key thing to remember here is that at the end of the day, it should always come down to a return on investment (ROI).

If your ROI is a clear possibility, then folks, we have a deal.

How to Determine Your ROI

Here is how a SEO company may try and create a monthly price point.

If the average sale from your business brings in a profit of $1000, and you hire someone who improves your website and creates 1 additional sale per month, then you can easily calculate your return on investment. In this example, you need to pay them less than $1000 per month:

Additional Profit Per Month: $1000
SEO Payment Per Month: $999

Return on Investment Per Month: $1

This is the fundamental equation behind working out a price point. From this simple calculation, you need to establish a win-win with your business partner.

Unfortunately reaching this price point is not so straightforward, and there are a few other factors to consider.

There May Be Some Initial Risk

Determining how many more “sales” you can get from SEO is never exact, and you can't hire an expert for peanuts. So there's always some initial risk when you buy these services.

What Industry Are You In?

The price of SEO can be influenced by the industry you're in. The work involved for a marketer working with a lawyer is much different than working with a local bakery.

Avoid Contracts

If you can, you should avoid contracts and pay for results. This is not always completely straightforward as SEO builds the equity in your business, but the results are not instant.

SEO is Like Working Out

Generally, improving and maintaining your new rankings needs constant monitoring. Your new results will not suddenly plummet when your SEO expert stops working with you, however over time best practices may change, and your promotion efforts should be maintained.

Who Are You Really Dealing With?

Guide to buying SEO servies

Many successful SEO - Client relationships are built on trust.

You need to trust that you're paying a fair amount, and more importantly that you're getting a reasonable ROI.

This is what I feel separates me from other options out there. I personally maintain a small amount of clients and do all the work myself. Nothing is outsourced. This allows me to give all my clients the right amount of time and focus.

With some large agencies you can become just another number, and that's not a great position for you.

If you'd like to speak about a working relationship with me, please feel free to contact me through this website.

The first step is to request a full video website audit (for free), and that way I can see if working together will benefit your business.