Case Study: A Registered Massage Therapist and Chiropractor’s New Website Design

Does your website portray an accurate image of your chiropractic and or massage therapy clinic?

Does it showcase what separates you from the other clinics in your area?

Unfortunately, so many health businesses today cannot answer yes to these questions. There are so many out dated websites, and business owners are losing new customers because of it.

This case study will highlight how a recent client of mine improved their website to align with their value proposition, and gain more local business.

First Impressions Matter

Your website is the first impression new potential clients have about your clinic.

Whether they find you on Google, or someone refers you, many will come visit your website.

From my recent experience while working with a registered message therapist and chiropractor, I found a huge network of business websites which need to desperately get updated.

I’m hoping to help as many of these businesses as I can.

Enter Our Case Study Company: SPAWORKS

For privacy reasons, I have changed the business name, and location, however the actual design is the same as showcased in the video and pictures. 

SPAWORKS is a clinic which uses management software from mindZplay.

If you operate your own clinic you might use this software, or perhaps you have heard about it before.

The mindZplay software itself is great. It’s extremely useful and many businesses depend on it.

However, the designs of websites hosted with this service are terrible. They are completely outdated, and do not provide a friend user experience.

If you use mindZplay, you should definitely consider updating your website design.

SPAWORKS used to have a design from mindZplay which looked identical to so many other websites which use this software.

Here are some screenshots:


Why are You Better Than Your Competition?

When I asked SPAWORKS what their value proposition was here was their response:

  • Exceptional level of customer service and registered massage therapy
  • State of the art clinic with spa based atmosphere
  • Extremely convenient location

The problem was that their website did not showcase any of these points.

Here is a screenshot of a business which has the exact same mindZplay design:


What is your first impression of this design?

Do you think this clinic offers great service with a state of the art spa atmosphere? I don’t.

That was the problem with SPAWORKS, and it’s a problem for many other clinics out there.

Our New Design

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Final Thoughts