Website Audit for Bodyworks RMT

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Important Points to Review

  • Complete Website Design

    A time estimation of 8 weeks is given, however I expect this to be done in under 4 weeks. Once you approve of the initial design of the homepage, all other pages will be built. Many things such as colours and images can be changed or customized. During the build the staging site will be up on the URL listed above. Once you are happy, we can go live. MindZplay will need to supply code to place your booking and other forms on this new design.

  • New Hosting Account

    For this new design, you will need to set up an account at WP Engine. This can be done anytime between now and going live. I will advise you on the proper account to set up. We will transfer the temporary staging site to your account, before going live.

  • Other Account Information

    Before going live with the new site, I will need your account information for Godaddy (where I believe your website is Registered) as well as information regarding where your email is hosted (if it’s hosted somewhere at all). I will also need the logins for your Google My Business account in order to optimize it properly.

  • Google Rankings & Expectations

    Getting this website mobile friendly with the new design is the most important task right now. We will link up the Google My Business account, and will probably need a few months of SEO in order to improve your Google My Business rankings, and solidify you as the authority in the Massage Niche in Guelph.

    Ranking improvements take time. Unfortunately for the most part, rankings do not happen in a few weeks. They can take several months to improve from any promotional efforts. These expectations need to be understood. Generally, a timeframe of 6 to 12 months is always given.

    That being said, your website is already established when compared to some of the other businesses, so we are not starting from scratch, however we want to solidify you as the authority in this industry. As of right now your website has not received any proper SEO, therefore you may not always hold your current rankings. Many of your competitors will probably not be doing any proper SEO either, therefore getting a little bit done will really set you apart.

    Lastly, a note on Ranking for “Guelph Chiropractor”. Because this is not directly associated with your main niche (Massage Therapy), it will require us to build a separate page and focus on ranking that, along with your homepage. Because you currently don’t have any Google presence for this term, it will require more time and resources if you’re interested in ranking highly for it.

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