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How To Get More People In That Dental Chair

dentist-chairWith a bit of research, you will discover that you’re losing potential customers every month because they can’t find you online.

Here’s an easy example from the report I created for dentists.

Charlotte just moved into town with her growing family, and realizes that she needs a new dentist.

She takes out her cell phone and searches for your business in her local area.

When she looks at the results from Google, she’s going to contact the dentists which come up on the first page. If that's not you, then you need some help.

But there’s good news! I’m offering you a completely free website audit with a full video breakdown for those who successfully fill out the Discovery Form.

Full Video Website Audit For Your Dental Website

I am an expert in ranking and optimizing websites for local businesses, and I am prepared to send you a full analysis for free.

Recommended Changes You Can Make Today

I will outline specific steps you need to change in order to attract more customers to your dental website.

Analysis Of The Potential Revenue Available

I will outline the amount of revenue you're losing because people searching for your services on Google cannot find you.

"Tyler is a highly skilled online marketer and website expert. Not only does he have great skill and expertise in the field, he always goes the extra mile for his clients to ensure he can deliver maximum results. Tyler is also a great guy to work with, friendly, professional and hard working. If you are looking for someone to boost your online profile and increase traffic to your website, then getting advice from Tyler is a must."

Steve West - Client Flow

"Tyler Stokes from StokesSEO is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to ranking websites and increasing leads online. Optimizing a website is something that every business needs to do if they're looking to reach their potential customers and clients online. Tyler is definitely someone to get in contact with if you need advice in this area"

Neil Howe - Global Authority Agency

What To Expect After Filling Out The Discovery Form...

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This form will take you 3 minutes to fill out. It will allow me to gather enough information to perform a well researched website audit for you. This is a must do.

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If after reviewing your submitted form I feel you qualify, I will create and send you a video report of your entire website. You can expect to receive this in 72 hours.

#3) I Will Send You A Video Presentation

If you fill out the form successfully, I will create a video website audit and send it out within 72 hours. I will be breaking down your website and explaining what needs to be done in order to get more customers to visit it. You can do what you wish with this information.

#4) Act Now As Spots Are Limited In Your Area

I only work with one company in a given niche, per location. Many local businesses have already received their free website audit and full video presentation, and I expect many more to take immediate advantage of this amazing offer. Act now before your competitors do.

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