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Website Proposal - Fort McMurray Locksmith

Executive Summary

The purpose of this SEO proposal is to dramatically increase the amount of targeted traffic to, through higher rankings in major search engines like Google.

I will do this by 1) properly optimizing your website and 2) building the authority of your website in the eyes of the major search engines, particularly Google. My SEO campaign will consist of the four following phases:

  1. Site Review
  2. Site Strategy
  3. Site Optimization
  4. Monthly Site Optimization

The goals of this SEO campaign:

  1. Increase leads, and sales
  2. Increase targeted traffic
  3. Higher rankings in search engines

Site Review

The first step of this project will be a thorough review of your entire website. I want to know and understand every detail of your website so I can leverage all of your strengths and improve all of your weaknesses. I will also review your company, competitors, and customers; as well as identify all strategies and challenges for this SEO campaign.


  • Thorough review of company, competitors, customers; define all goals
  • Complete website audit and individual web page audits
  • Competitor website audit and web page audits (high ranking sites only)
  • Keyword research, analysis, and selection
  • Google analytics review
  • Review social media channels


  • Timeline (completed within 1-2 days)


During this phase of the project I will develop an in-depth optimization strategy to achieve all goals that were listed under Executive Summary.


  • Multiple brainstorming sessions
  • Develop baseline report
  • Develop content strategy 
  • Develop optimization strategy
  • Develop website authority strategy
  • Identify all key phrases and targeted landing pages


  • Site Strategy completed within 1st week


The purpose of Site Optimization is to make sure your website and all landing pages are properly optimized for search engines by carefully executing the approved strategy brief. More importantly, I will make sure there is a relevant and properly optimized landing page on your website for each targeted key phrase outlined in the strategy brief.


  • Execution of strategy brief
  • Internal reviews and quality assurance
  • Setup and install Google Analytics and other tools


  • Timeline (completed during Month 1) - Website Design (4 - 8 weeks)
  • Client must provide StokesSEO with all logins and access


Now that your website is properly optimized, I must continuously work to grow and improve the authority of your site. The purpose of Monthly Site Optimization is to increase your site’s authority in the eyes of the major search engines. A properly optimized website with high authority will start to rank higher in the search engines. However, my goal is more than higher rankings. I want you ranked on page #1 of Google for your targeted keywords and phrases.

Tasks may include:

  • Competitive back link analysis & link acquisition
  • Search query link building with varying anchor text
  • Content marketing & Web 2.0 link building


  • Timeline (months 6-12)

Campaign Details

Includes analysis and optimization requirements for all the major SEO components.  Keyword accessibility, On-Page ranking factors, Off-Page ranking factors [backlinks, socials, etc.], and competitor site analysis.

Keyword Analysis

I start by analyzing three main factors:

1 - Estimated monthly search volume

2 - Number of competing pages currently ranking for each phrase

3 - Current Google ranking.

Competitive Analysis

One of the best ways to improve your rankings is to check the backlinks of your competitors and go after the same or similar links. A competitive analysis is included in the initial setup of your SEO campaign. Ongoing monitoring of your competitors is essential in the overall success of my optimization efforts. Based on your input and the research I perform, I will track your top 3-4 competitors, from a link building and keyword rankings perspective. 

Link Building Services 

I will begin by targeting Main Keywords (since we use varied anchor text back linking to the optimized On-Page content, there will be many “long tail” versions of keywords which will rise to the top as well). Using competitive research to understand the needs of the campaign, I will use a variety of link building tactics to improve rankings on targeted terms, and drive direct traffic through the websites from which we gain links (referral traffic). My tactics are highly evolved and have been tested and proven to be extremely effective, yet very stable in the ever-changing world of search engine marketing.

Link Building Strategy 

Off-Site Search Engine Optimization (Link Building) is the process of getting quality, relevant one-way links to your website and strategically managing these links.  Search engines rate these links based on their relevancy, importance, and trust. Each of these factors gives your website “points” based on the quality of these links and in turn improves your website placement within organic search results. This strategy involves a platform that I have created and control in order to provide the most ethical linking structures that may include:

  • Competitive Back Link Analysis & Link Acquisition
  • Search Query Link Building With Varying Anchor Text
  • Content Marketing & Web 2.0 Link Building

Architecture Analysis & On-Page SEO 

  • On-Site Optimization:  Web page content is of paramount importance to Google and other search engines. By content, I mean “text” not pictures or graphics of text. 
  • I will work with you to optimize your existing website’s On-Page presence to make sure you have excellent content in order to achieve your search engine goals.
  • Keyword Research:  Working directly with Google, I will create an in-depth and exhaustive report to determine which keywords are going to increase your visibility within the Organic Listings (geo-targeted to your area).  Knowing the language of your target audience and how they search is a vital part of keyword selection.

On-Site Optimization Service will include the following :

  • Creation Of Unique SEO Friendly Page Titles & Meta Tags
  • Optimization Of Site Structure And Internal Linking
  • Content Optimization – strategic use of main keywords as well as long-tail keywords

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has been proven to attract new viewers and increase overall traffic to a website. Proper use of these social properties can aid in our goal to dominate the search engine results with multiple marketing assets.

  • Optimization/Creation of Your Social Platforms - (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest + More)

Local Directory Submissions/Citations/Branding & Claiming

  • Local SEO – Initially targeted to local areas in and around Fort McMurray Alberta.

I will undertake a local link building campaign, focusing on acquiring links from local city directories specifically targeting Alberta if possible, as well as geo targeted citations (a citation is any authoritative site that includes your business Name, Address, Phone).

When done properly, directory submissions can offer great benefit, but when implemented incorrectly, tend to look very “spammy” to the search engines. There are thousands of web directories out there, but only about 50-60 reputable directories are worth being listed in.

I make sure every site description has the exact NAP (Name, Address, Phone) and the anchor text is varied for each listing. Linking strategies will be created to boost customer exposure to your citation/directory listings. For an example,,,, are all examples of citation listings

Reporting & Analytics

I will track the improvement of your targeted keywords and report them on a month by month basis. Each month you will see individual keyword rankings climb up the results pages. If you do not have traffic tracking installed, I will set this up.

My product is Digital Real Estate, and I provide monthly reports on the progress of your positions in Google.

Strategy, Execution & Conclusion

To position your website on the first page of Google and drive more customers to your business requires monthly maintenance to create and post unique content to a variety of web pages (Off-Page SEO). This ongoing process provides high quality links back to your website. 

Staying on top of Google algorithm changes gives me the upper hand to know how to implement my proven strategies and position your website at the top of the Google Organic Search Results and keep it there.

I will turn your web presence into an asset by positioning it high in the search engine results (Digital Real Estate). This cannot be obtained through Paid Ads or Pay-Per-Click services.

I control every part of my optimization services and will provide you with ethical and high quality results!

Monthly Fee

The Monthly Fee for this project: $750 CAN per month.

Payments are made through PayPal whenever possible. I normally work on a month by month basis, with no set contracts, however if we do the web design, I would ask for a verbal commitment of 6 months. Campaigns typically last 12 months, where we then restructure our terms. You can cancel anytime with no hidden fees. (See expectations below).

This includes all link building and setting up necessary accounts. It does not include any ongoing content creation (videos, pages).

The Return On Investment (ROI) of this campaign is extremely high given the estimated traffic figures from Google.

Cost Recap

fade-leftfade-rightMonthly Fee For All SEO Tasks:

$750 CAN

fade-leftfade-rightNo Website Design Fee with 6 Month Commitment

EXPECTATIONS:  Page One Results for long tail keywords may be seen in the first few months.  It takes anywhere from 3-12 months to obtain Google Page One positioning for the main keywords with higher competition. Remaining on Page One requires ongoing utilization of resources and continuous monitoring of Google algorithms. Dominating Google Page One is our goal using combined efforts of all strategies and assets created in this document.

Restructuring of Fees at 12 month mark:

 After 12 months, we usually drop to a maintenance fee. This varies from client to client. Sometimes we can restructure earlier, sometimes later, however it’s typically after 12 months. This allows us to maintain our new rankings well into the future at a reduced cost.