This Video Along With the Text Instructions Below Should Cover the Guest Posting Tasks and Requirements Pretty Well. Thanks for Watching and Reading!

Why Guest Post?

We want to guest post, in order to get backlinks to our website.

This is just one way to get backlinks. Backlinks help our website rank on Google.

By guest posting, or "writing for" other websites, we can write an article on their blog and get a link back to our website. This is usually done in the Author Bio.

The trick is that we ONLY want to get backlinks from other relevant websites.

This is why we're contacting other websites about sex, love, dating, relationships and health, and asking if we can contribute a guest post on their blog.

But it's important to note, we want to be relevant, which means we actually want to submit articles that are about "Sex Toys" if possible.

This means we are getting a link back to our website from an article which is about "Sex Toys", and is featured on a website that is somewhat relevant to "Sex Toys" as well (sex, love, relationships and so on).

We would LOVE to get a link back from other websites which are solely themed about "Sex Toys", however this not so easy. This is why we are contacting sites that are somewhat "related" to sex toys, and contributing and article about "Sex Toys" (more on this below).

Your Guest Posting Instructions

You are writing articles and corresponding as Katie or Jessica. You can see our Meet the Author section for details on their backgrounds on the Sex Toy Education homepage.

All guest posts need to include your short Bio and a link back to our homepage:

Here are screenshots of two random guest posts examples with a short Bio after the guest post which has a link back to the author's website or book:

Most of the sites we are reaching out to will state that this is link back to our website allowed to be included at the end of the article.

If they don't state this, or you are reaching out to someone who has not promoted guest posts, then please confirm can you can get a link back to the website before writing the article.

We ONLY want Do Follow links.

Most of the time this is standard, but if they specifically say that they will only offer a No Follow link back to our website from the article, then we do not want this and just move on.

We don't want to publish articles and not get a link back to our website. And we don't want to publish articles which only give us a No Follow link.

Some of the sites we will contact don't actually have a "Write For Us" page or "Guest Post Page" and we might just email the owner and simply ask if we can contribute an article which is published on their blog.

In this case, before you write anything, just double check that you can include a Bio and link in the article to our website. It's standard, but it's good to double check sometime.

Short Bio Examples:

Here are some examples of Bios and ways to link back from the guest articles you will submit:

Jessica Winters is one of the main writers at Sex Toy Education. She's extremely passionate about helping others improve their sex lives. She publishes articles related to both men and women and has helped many couples improve their relationships. You can find more of her work at <a href=""></a>

Or link from the website name:

Jessica Winters is one of the main writers at <a href="">Sex Toy Education</a>. She's extremely passionate about helping others improve their sex lives. She publishes articles related to both men and women and has helped many couples improve their relationships. You can find more of her work on her website

Please change this Bio slightly with each article you write. Just change the wording around a bit to make it somewhat unique.

Here is a guest post example:

Notice the Bio and link at the end of the article. There's a short bio about the author Ariella Moostone and a link to her book on Amazon. We're doing the same thing but linking back to our website with either our name: Sex Toy Education, or the actual URL:

What Will You Be Writing?

The article you write or pitch should always relate to "sex toys" and their blog if possible.

If the blog is about Dating, then an article about sex toys and dating is best to pitch.

If the site is about Marriage, then incorporating sex toys and marriage / relationships is best.

If it is about BDSM, then some article about sex toys and Bondage could work.

Many of the website owners won't accept a basic article on "The Best Sex Toys in 2019", so if possible the article topics should relate to the theme of their blog / website.

Marriage, Relationships, Dating, Love, BDSM, Gay...

Sometimes it will be hard to pitch an article about "Sex Toys" to sites that are about Marriage, Love and Relationships.

So given Jessica Winter's background as a therapist, or Katie Barker's background as a nurse, the angle of the articles you pitch could be more appropriate and get approved.

Article topics like:

  • How a Sex Toy Can Save Your Marriage
  • Why Sex Therapists are Recommending Adult Toys
  • Therapists Find Adult Toys Can Help Improve Your Marriage
  • 5 Reasons Why a Sex Toy Can Save Your Relationship
  • Should You Talk About Sex Toys When You're First Dating?
  • Can a Sex Toy Make Him Fall in Love With You?

The point is, we want to somehow include the words" sex toy(s)" and / or "adult toy(s)" in the title of the articles if possible.


Because we want to get a link back to our website from an article which has the term "sex toy", or "adult toy" in the title and URL of the blog post. This makes is SUPER RELEVANT to our website, and this is our main goal with getting these links from these guest posts.

This is extremely important.

If we get a link back to our website from a blog post that look like this, it is not great:

Title: "How to Spice Up Things in the Bedroom"


There is nothing in the title or URL that says anything about "sex toys". So this is not a great relevant post to get a backlink from.

A much better example would be:

Title: "How Sex Toys Can Spice Up Things in the Bedroom"


Now see how much more relevant this page is now. The actual content might be the same in both of these examples, but the title and URL in the second example are very specific and relevant to "sex toys", and thus this is a great post we would want to get a link from.

If we can't pitch a guest post that includes the terms "sex toy" and or "adult toy", then just including a term like "sex", or other toy terms like "vibrators", "women's massagers", "orgasm" might be less taboo and more appropriate for certain websites.

This is not ideal, but at least the title and URL will have terms that are very much associated with "sex toys". So it's still relevant, just not super relevant.

So some articles that might only get approved would be:

  • Is Your Sex Life Hurting Your Marriage
  • Why Sex is Important in Any Relationship
  • How a Vibrator Can Save Your Marriage and Sex Life

Sometimes you might need to pitch an article idea that is suitable for the blog. Some blogs might not want to publish a post on "Why Sex Toys are Awesome."

You might need to post an article like:

How Sex Toys Can Help You Become More Comfortable With Your Sexuality

Again, when you give a quick glance at the blog, or review the submission guidelines, you should get a good idea about article topics which you can pitch to them.

But always try and be as relevant to "sex toys" as you can!

If Possible, Confirm Your Article Ideas Before Writing

I will always pay you for your writing, but keep this in mind:

Try not to write and submit an article until you correspond with someone. In some cases it looks pretty legit that when you submit a guest article, they will publish it. But I don't want you writing a bunch of articles that don't get published.

Sometimes the request says submit your article here and if approved we will confirm and post it. If you do this, and they do not post it, I will pay for your services, and we can use that article to pitch to someone else. But I would prefer not to have you write a bunch of articles that we can't get published as guest posts. We can certainly use them on our own site, however this is not ideal.

So in these scenarios, either contact the editor / website and confirm that your pitch is good before writing. This is not always necessary, and sometimes this is actually not doable, but it could be useful.

Again, if you write something and they don't end up publishing it, you can re use the article for a future submission. If it can't be used anywhere, I will certainly pay you for your time.

Where and How to Submit Guest Posts

I will provide you access to a spreadsheet that has a list of websites and contact information.

You will also get access to an email account.

You will need to reach out by email or contact form and create a relationship and discuss submitting a guest post to their website.

Unfortunately sometimes you can't just email and say:

Hey I want to submit a guest post. Where can I send it?

The outreach email needs to be better than that (more on that below).

If you get a guest post submitted which has a link back to our website, then you will get compensated for the article, plus a premium.

We can negotiate a fair rate.

I was thinking a total compensation of 2 times the article rate.

So say you publish an article which you would maybe charge $50 for, I will pay you $100 if it gets published as a guest post.

Again, we can negotiate a fair rate. Perhaps I can pay you for your article fee plus we can agree on a submission fee as well.

I'm open to this.

What to Expect

Unfortunately not everyone will accept a guest post.

Some people will ignore your emails, or just never respond.

Don't expect to get replies from everyone.

Only a fraction of the people you reach out to will accept a guest post, and there may be a bit of emailing back and forth. This is why I will pay you a submission fee

So after you visit the page from the spreadsheet which you will get access to, you will read their submission guidelines and submit an article, or you will need to write an initial email to make a first contact.

You can certainly use a similar style for your outreach email, but you will need to tweak the email a bit and personalize it to the person you're reaching out to.

People do not want to read an email that looks like it's from a template.

So it needs to be personalized.

Always follow up, but I would suggest you just follow up 1 time.

Here is a guide on this which might help (#5, 6 and 9 are relevant):

Outreach Emails

Example #1 - Hard Difficulty

In this first link, you can see there's no specific wording which says that they accept guest posts.

These are the hardest websites to reach out to.

They do seem like they could use some content on their site, and perhaps we can submit a guest post.

So I would email them something like this (always try and find their name on their about page if possible):

The about page can give you ideas on what types of articles to pitch.

Hey Cooper hope all is well.

I'm reaching out to you today because I noticed the "Help Wanted" page on your site.

My name is Jessica and I've been working on a related website called Sex Toy Education.

I was hoping that I could contribute a guest post to your blog. I would love to write an article about swingers and sex toys.

Perhaps I can write an article about:

Idea 1
Idea 2
Idea 3

I would love to get published and contribute to your blog.

I hope you might find some of these article ideas useful for your site.

Thanks for reading Cooper.

Kind Regards,


Example #2 - Easy Difficulty

This is an easy website to reach out to:

You can see that they clearly have a "Write for Us" page, with very specific guidelines.

So you would want to follow the instructions and submit an article to them that is appropriate and meets all their requirements.

They are very specific with how they will include a link to our website in the Bio Section.

So these are easy, but you need to follow their guidelines and try to submit an article which is relevant to sex toys.

For these examples where you may submit an article without initially talking with anyone, and they do NOT publish it, I will still pay for your writing.

We can either use this later to submit to other opportunities, or we will publish it on our website.

Sometimes you will not hear back for several weeks after submitting to them. Again, I will always pay you for your work.

Example #3 - Medium Difficulty

This is a medium difficulty to reach out to:

You can see they have had prior guest posts published, but they don't explicitly say on their site they accept guest posts nor do they have a "write for us" section.

So I would quickly review the about page:

Learn a bit about Lucy and her blog before emailing her.

Email her and comment on her other guest posts. Perhaps there's a way we can write an article that relates to online dating and sex toys.

So we would acknowledge that she has guest posts on her site, and ask if we can be a contributor.

Then we can pitch some ideas related to online dating and sex toys if possible. Perhaps we can discuss some of the online dating sites associated with the "adult" world. Or perhaps there are sites like FetLife which we can relate to.

Or these can be a story type of article:

  • When Your First Date Asks You About Sex Toys
  • When is it Too Early to Start Talking About Sex Toys
  • Are Sex Toys Inappropriate to Mention in Your Online Dating Profile

These might be some good examples to pitch to sites about dating.

Resource Which May Help

This entire guide is probably not useful, however points #5, 6, and 9 will help I think:

See them through this link:


Thanks for reading and considering this "position".

I have a spreadsheet with around 50 websites to contact initially.

It's hard to tell how many articles we can get published from this list. But remember I am paying you a premium for them.

I will update the spreadsheet with more contact opportunities as you progress through the list.

This is a writing position which can potentially be ongoing.

This is also something which does not really have deadlines, as reaching out and confirming article writing opportunities might be sporadic.

Click Here to Access the Spreadsheet