Website Set Up Instructions

Watch The Videos Below For WordPress Set Up Instructions

Website Set Up Training:

This video provides step-by-step instructions to follow when setting up the websites. Please refer to the Plugin Section below for details on which Plugins to install. Also see the links below for a PDF Checklist.

See Instructions On The Trello Board: WordPress Set Up

The Trello Board is located here: https://trello.com/b/DghCdwxf

You will have access when you are invited through email.

Website Set Up Checklist

Video #1 - WordPress Settings

1. Login to the WordPress dashboard: example.com/wp-admin

2. In the WordPress Dashboard go to Settings > General

Fill in the Site Title and Tagline (refer to the Card in Trello for the information).

Make sure the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) are using the http://www version. If the site is set up with http:// example.com > Change both addresses to http://www.example.com

Make sure the Email Address is: admin@websitename.com

Click > Save Changes

3. In the WordPress Dashboard go to Settings > Reading

Make sure that For each article in a feed, show > Full text.

Under Search Engine Visibility > Make sure the box is NOT check for Discourage search engines from indexing the site. This should NOT be checked.

Click > Save Changes

4. In the WordPress Dashboard go to Settings > Discussion

In the Default article settings, UNCHECK the option > Allow people to post comments on new articles.

Click > Save Changes

5. In the WordPress Dashboard go to Settings > Permalinks

Under Common Settings, choose Post name.

Click > Save Changes

6. In the WordPress Dashboard go to Users > Your Profile

In the Name section, change the First Name to Admin, Webmaster, or Editor.

Change the Display name publicly as to the new First Name you chose.

Make sure the Email under Contact Info is: admin@websitename.com

Click > Update Profile

Video #2 - Plugins Instructions & Plugin Pack #1 Set Up

7. In the WordPress Dashboard go to Plugins

Deactivate and delete all the pre-installed plugins.

Install the appropriate plugins outlined below:

Please refer to the Card in Trello and install the appropriate Plugin Pack. 

Plugin Pack #1




All in One SEO Pack



Google XML Sitemaps By Arne Brachhold



iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)



AddToAny Share Buttons


Video #4 - Setting Up The SEO Plugins

8. Add the Title to the SEO Plugin

See the Card in Trello for the SEO Title.

Add this title to the All In One SEO Pack Plugin, or the Yoast SEO Plugin (whichever Plugin you are using based on the Plugin Pack given on the Card in Trello).

Video #5 - Publishing a Post

9. In the WordPress Dashboard go to Pages

If there is a Sample Page, delete it.

10. In the WordPress Dashboard go to Posts

If there is a post already published, delete it.

Create a new Post > Add New.

Refer to the Website Topic on the Card in Trello.

Find a related YouTube video which has good reviews.

Copy the YouTube Embed Code > See video for instructions.

Paste the Embed Code of the video into the Text version of the editor in WordPress.

Add written content to the post of approximately 100 words.

The content should be related to the video. The content must be unique.

Add a related title to the Post. Add a related keyword to the URL. Add the title to the SEO plugin.

Publish the article.

Video #6 - Adding a New Theme

11. In the WordPress Dashboard go to Appearance

Under Themes, click Add New.

Install a free theme provided by WordPress.org. It can be listed as Featured, Popular, or Latest.

Preview the theme and make sure it will show the Full Text of a Post.

See video for Instructions.

The theme MUST include the Full Text of the Post you just published.

Install and Activate the theme.

Video #7 - Update The Trello Card

12. Check that the Website is Live

Make sure the site is live. There may be a notification in WordPress asking if you want to go live.

13. Update the Trello Board

In the specific Card in Trello, complete the WordPress Set Up Checklist.

In Trello, drag the Card from the List: Websites To Set Up to the List: WordPress Set Up Complete.

Add a Comment in the Card in Trello and Tag me @tylerstokes5

The comment should state that this website is now complete.