Website Audit for Parkside Cleaning Services

Watch the Video Below:

Update Jan 19th

Here are some recommendations moving forward.

Get an GMAIL account.

You will need this to set up a Google My Business location.

If you can't do this yourself, I can help you set it up. But you will want to first create the email account yourself.

If you're struggling with setting up the actually Google My Business listing, then you can send me the login and password information and I will set it up.


After that, you will want to set up Citations.

Here is a link with some good ones to get started with.


You will see a list of websites like:,,,, and so on.

What you want to do is create accounts on all of these citation websites.

You don't have to do this all in one day. Maybe take a few weeks to get them done.

But you will often need to submit an email, and this is why I suggest you create a separate GMAIL account. You will find that many of these sites will want to email you later and try and sell you advertising. So creating a separate email from your personal email is recommended. Don't ever buy advertising on Yelp or Yellow Pages. They might call you as well and try and sell you advertising. Just ignore for now.

When you build the citations, i.e. set up accounts manually on all those websites (it's sometimes called Submit a Listing, or Submit Your Business, or Submit Your Site), you will want to ALWAYS use the same information: Name, Address, Phone.

So I see your contact details for the business are:


Parkside Cleaning Services

1913 Parkside Drive

Pickering, ON

L1V 3N6


So when you submit your business to these citations websites, or your Facebook page, or your Google My Business account, you will always want to have them listed exactly this way.

Example, don't do half the listings with "1913 Parkside Drive", and the others will "1913 Parkside Dr. "

Make it consistent with the formatting.

The email you list can be whichever one you choose.


Building out those citations and then the social networking accounts is a good first step.

You won't see results for SEVERAL weeks.

This take time with Google.

Hope this helps.