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a smartphone and computer running google searchI need to tell you a secret about your law firm here in Canada…

Search engines like Google don’t know very much about you.

Sure they know you have a website, but that’s about it.

You fulfill your customer’s needs, you’re passionate about your work, and deep down you know your products and services are extremely helpful…. But Google doesn’t know, and quite frankly, doesn’t care. Sorry.

However, the reason is shockingly simple: It can’t hear you!

At the end of the day, Google is just a big computer.

So if you offer great services, and if you have raving customers, it doesn’t know any of this… Unless: You start speaking its language.

This language is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s the only reason why your competitors’ websites are getting all the customers, and you’re not.

Because of this, you’re losing out on potential business every single day.

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